Balaram Bridge



Balaram Bridge situated on the state of Gujarat and it is vital link between state capital Gandhinagar via Palanpur and Abu Road. As the bridge is of immense commercial and strategic importance to the region and it comes under Palanpur-Swaroopgunj section NH- 14, suffered extensive damages.

The foundation and substructure of bridge are in good condition but superstructure is severely damaged.

The paper describes the various measures adopted for rehabilitation and replacement of bearings with special emphasis on the lifting of the superstructure of the bridge.

History of the Bridge

The construction of Balaram Bridge situated in 332+550 of Palanpur-Swaroopgunj road near Chitraseni village in District Banaskantha was started in 1962, completed in 1966 and the bridge was opened to traffic in 1966.

The bridge was designed for 5020 cubic meter per second with design H.F.L.( in 1941) and assumed H.F.L. at R.L. 187.106 and 188.051 respectively and water current force based on the mean velocity of 2.44m per second and seismic force of g/20. The bridge superstructure is a “T’ beam slab structure of 3 girders in each span, comprising 8 spans of 19.8 mt.

The main spans are supported on metallic rocker and roller bearing with, Lacey’s silt factor as 1, grip length was based on assumption a well friction is 0 degree. The bridge has guide bund on up stream as well as down stream. Asphaltic plug joint expansion joint is provided in all spans. Pier cap is 0.6 mt. thick of M 20 grade concrete; piers are constructed in R.C.C. Well cap 0.6 mt. thickness in R.C.C. M 20 grade concrete and foundation is well foundation of depth 6.097 mt well curb without cutting edge.